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Roundtable: The player we trust with the game on the line

There’s one that the staff picked more than the others.

Syndication: DetroitFreePress Julian H. Gonzalez, Detroit Free Press

This week, members of the Maize n Brew staff got together to discuss which Michigan Wolverine in any sport they would trust with the game on the line. Here is what eight of our contributors weighed in within this edition of the roundtable.

Stephen Osentoski: I’m just choosing an isolation play for Trey Burke. Whether he’s on offense or defense in this scenario, he’s the guy I want to be on the play. Not many collegiate point guards were better than Burke when he was at the top of his game.

Kellen Voss: Trey Burke, easily. In the comeback against Kansas in the 2013 NCAA tournament, there was a calming presence about him. His shot to send it to OT was one of the most iconic moments in Michigan athletics this century. If you were to make a documentary about that team, that shot is in the trailer. Love that guy.

Von Lozon: It’s gotta be Tom Brady, right? They called him the Comeback Kid for a reason. He did it in college, the NFL, he probably did it on the playground when he was 7 years old. There’s no one I’d rather have with the ball in his hands during a final drive than that guy.

Luke Ghiardi: Trey Burke. When the lights were brightest, Trey shined like no other. The steal on Keith Appling for the go-ahead dunk, and the stolen pass on the last possession of the game to beat Michigan State in 2013. The block from behind on Aaron Craft from behind in overtime with Michigan up 1 with 12 seconds left. And obviously, everyone remembers the shot to force Overtime against Kansas. But do you also remember Burke scoring the first five points of that overtime with Michigan trailing on both possessions?

The list of clutch moments, big or small, is a large one from Burke’s two years in the Maize and Blue. Not only did Trey not crumble under pressure, but he also thrived in it.

Give me the elite skillset with absolute confidence that he will get it done. Trey Burke is going to get it done.

Andrew Bailey: There is no need to overthink this: Trey Burke, Sweet Sixteen, Kansas. Need I say more?

Scott White: Trey Burke. He has the clutch gene and would turn it on in almost every game's crucial moments.

Daniel Dash: Tom Brady, and it isn’t close. With the third-most game-winning drives in NFL history, it only makes sense to put the ball in TB12’s hands. That is, assuming he knows which down it is. There’s a reason Brady has seven rings, and after the Bucs reloaded this offseason, Brady doesn’t appear to be stopping anytime soon. Though he wasn’t much of a superstar in Ann Arbor, his NFL career speaks for itself when it boils down to the clutch.

Matt Eifert: Trey Burke. It has to be a basketball player because that’s the sport that one specific player can have the largest impact on. Burke was the best playmaker I’ve ever seen at the college level and very clearly had the clutch gene.