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What Howard Eisley had to say heading into Iowa game

See what the assistant coach had to say to the media.

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Michigan Wolverines men’s basketball assistant coach Howard Eisley spoke to the media Wednesday on the team’s off day between games against Michigan State and the Iowa Hawkeyes. The Wolverines pummeled their rival last night, but have just one day to prep for the visiting Hawkeyes, the No. 24 team in the nation.

Eisley spoke on a few topics today, such as Hunter Dickinson, his own play calling, Frankie Collins and tomorrow’s senior night festivities before the Iowa game.

Here are the highlights from Eisley’s presser:

“Hunter was great. Calling a flawless game, I’m not quite sure what that means,” Eisley said when he was told Phil Martelli said he called a flawless game. “Our guys did a really good job of executing on offense and executing the sets. We were able to get the ball where we needed to get it, and Hunter did the rest. He was great last night. The way he took his time on the post and really got whatever shot he wanted.”

Normally when Juwan Howard is there, Eisley doesn’t call the plays.

“Coach Howard calls all the plays,” Eisley said. “If I see something I would give him some input, but it’s him calling all of our offensive sets.”

Last night, DeVante’ Jones picked up two fouls before the first media timeout, leading to Frankie Collins playing the majority of the half. Collins did a great job facilitating and leading the offense, but much like he has all season, he struggled a bit with his shot.

“I think (point guard is) probably the toughest position to learn, especially when you’re going to different levels,” Eisley said. “It’s always been an adjustment going from the high school level to the college level. The game is just moving so much faster. Him trying to settle into his game at this level, there’s no way to predict how long that will take, but he’s been working at it. He’s starting to seem, from my eye, more comfortable and more confident in the plays that he can make on the floor.”

The Wolverines play their final home game of the season tomorrow night against Iowa, and with that comes senior night festivities. Things will certainly be different for this year’s seniors, as they won’t have their head coach present.

“To be totally honest with you, we haven’t even had the opportunity to talk about it yet,” Eisley said. “It’s going to be different. It’s going to be tough, for our seniors as well as coach, to not be able to be present here and see their last home game. So it’s going to be tough, it’s going to be a different situation but we will make the best of it and do whatever we need to do to send them off right.”

After the Iowa game, Michigan travels to Columbus to close out the regular season on the road against Ohio State this Sunday.