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Michigan’s Jett Howard releases statement, will declare for NBA Draft

Howard’s career at Michigan has come to a close.

NCAA Basketball: Michigan at Indiana Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

Michigan guard Jett Howard has announced he will be declaring for the 2023 NBA Draft.

“This was a great learning year for me,” Howard said in a newly released interview with ESPN. “It’s what I needed. It taught me how to play within a pro-style offense and be effective, to get out of my comfort zone, and play with other good players.”

The 6-foot-8 20-year-old averaged 14.2 points per game for the Wolverines this past season while dealing with ankle injuries. Howard said that he met with a specialist after the Big Ten Tournament and will be rehabbing for four to five weeks.

Howard is projected to be a first-round selection this June.

Jett Howard’s Statement

My love for the game began at the age of two when my parents gave me a basketball set. Since then, my life hasn’t felt complete without a ball in my hands. I had a vision to play in the NBA as far back as I could remember. With countless sacrifices, hours in the gym, blood, sweat, and many tears, I am getting closer to that dream.

Being a Wolverine has been the honor of a lifetime. I apologize for not getting the job done this year with my brothers, but best believe we tried. The group coming back next year, along with special talent coming in, will most definitely accomplish everything we couldn’t. “Those who stay...”

We are THE BEST UNIVERSITY IN THE WORLD!!! Thank you Wolverine Nation!

I will always come home! To my brothers in the trenches with me, our bond will surpass this lifetime. It will forever be us against everybody. Thank you.

Coach Howard: You gave me the blueprint while allowing me to be me. You instilled tough love. You demanded my best and didn’t go for anything less, which helped me grow on and off the court. The time we shared together will be forever cherished. Thank you, Dad.

Coach Saddi, Coach H, Coach Martelli, Coach Jay Smith, Jaaron, Colin and Sandman: It’s been a privilege to learn from you every day. I appreciate the dedication and commitment you guys poured into the TEAM. It doesn’t go unnoticed! All the life lessons will never be forgotten.

Mom: Thank you for everything! From taking me to workouts to school to tournaments. You really are a Super Mom. We all appreciate you for being the backbone of our family. Without you, none of this is possible.

Jace: Growing up, you and I would watch Michigan football and basketball games on the couch. It’s surreal to say that we played together at our dream school. Thank you Jace for being that annoying voice in my ear, telling me I’m not good enough and I could be better. I still need it.

Aunty Shaki: Thank you for being Mom #2. You grew my interest for the sport since day one and told me I was good enough before I had the confidence in myself. We have a relationship that no one can duplicate, thank you for being there for me at all times.

My dreams aren’t possible without the support of my family and friends. The many trainers and Coaches who poured their hearts and souls into my development throughout the years, I can’t thank you all enough. After deep thought and careful consideration,