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Mock Draft Roundup: How Jett Howard and Kobe Bufkin shape up post-NBA Combine

The road to the Barclays Center is coming to a close.

Rutgers v Michigan Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

With both the NBA Draft Combine and early withdrawal deadline having come and gone since our last check-in, the road to the 2023 NBA Draft is in its final stretch, and both Jett Howard and Kobe Bufkin are still in the mix to have their names called by Adam Silver.

Here’s where NBA Draft analysts see the two Michigan Wolverines going on June 22.

Jonathan Givony & Jeremy Woo, ESPN+ ($)

Bufkin to Utah Jazz at 16 (↑3), Howard to Miami Heat at 18 (↓1)

Bufkin clearly impressed ESPN’s crew of draft analysts, as they’ve risen the exiting sophomore three spots to the Utah Jazz. While Howard dropped in this latest projection, it’s a just measly one spot and also opens up a redux between the Howard family and South Florida.

Jonathan Wasserman, Bleacher Report

Bufkin to Los Angeles Lakers at 17 (↓3), Howard to Indiana Pacers at 29 (↓15)

Both players dropped in Wasserman’s latest mock draft, but his view on Howard is particularly staggering. Not only is the 15-pick drop by far the largest of any mock draft surveyed, his projection of Howard at 29 is also the lowest of any mock.

Tyler Byrum and Chase Hughes, NBC Sports

Bufkin to New Orleans Pelicans at 14 (Steady), Howard to Jazz at 16 (Steady)

Byrum and Hughes held their predictions for the former Wolverines from last month’s check in. No changes here.

Krysten Peek, Yahoo Sports

Bufkin to Golden State Warriors at 19 (↓3), Howard to Brooklyn Nets at 21 (↓2)

Peek has both Bufkin and Howard sliding in her mock, with Bufkin falling three spots to the Golden State Warriors and Howard falling two spots to the Brooklyn Nets. Can you imagine a sharpshooting Bufkin with the likes of Steph, Klay and Poole?

Cody Taylor, USA Today’s Rookie Wire

Bufkin to Pelicans at 14 (↑7), Howard to Lakers at 19 (↓2)

It’s admittedly been a hot minute since we checked in with Cody Taylor, and he’s clearly gotten hot on Bufkin — shooting him from 21 to 14 since the last survey of his mock. Howard, however, has dipped a tad, with Taylor placing him with the Los Angeles Lakers.