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YFD Sticks to Sports

I told you not to, now I'm telling you to. It's cool, do whatever. But drink these beers because they're super good.

YFD Goes Outside

Michigan isn't playing this weekend, so time to earn back some Family Points (tm) and see what it looks like outside of your hovel.

YFD Isn't Sticking To Sports Today

It is your responsibility to use the platform you have to express your views on the issues that matter to you. And if others feel differently, express yourself. But don’t stifle the debate or criticize those you disagree with for speaking their mind.

Your Friday Drinking Instructions Say Good Morning

It's time, folks. Tomorrow morning we get football again. Come say hi to Kanye and find out what kind of beer you should pound tomorrow.

Featured Fanshot

Alcohol Approved for Champions Cup Soccer Match at Michigan Stadium

Real Madrid will face Chelsea at Michigan Stadium on Saturday, July 30, at 3 p.m. The match is part of a preseason tournament known as the International Champions Cup featuring some of the world's top teams. Not only that, you can now officially purchase alcohol while attending. Last year's game between Real Madrid and Manchester United drew 109,318, a record for a soccer game in the U.S.

The 6th Annual MnB Bowl Pickem Is Here!

Only the bowls you care about, with the appropriate amount of sarcasm.

Your Friday Drinking Instructions Hates This Week

We hate this week, but not for the usual reasons.

YFD Heads to Happy Valley

SBN's sending me on a #businesstrip to Penn State that they neither approved, paid for, or know about. It'll be great!

YFD Keeps His Head Down

We know you're sick of the takes. So are we. So come drink with us!

YFD Took It Easy

Thankfully, this weekend's football slate is worthy of planned drinkwatching.


Wrap it in bacon, first. Yep, that's the stuff.

YFD Doesn't Condone This

Seriously, you need to think twice about the game we're about to suggest. We assume no responsibility for how absolutely faced you may or may not get by this.

YFD Picks Up A Hurricane

Ever wonder how best to make that first move to talk to that special someone?


No coffee + no beer = coffee beer. The No's cancel out. Duh.

YFD Knew It Would Happen

Some things are inevitable. Death, taxes, and, uh, please not Bo Ryan any more.

YFD Gets A Sticker! And You Get A Sticker!

Helmet stickers are the slippery slope on which our civilization will end. Don't believe me? Read on.

Your Weekend Drinking Instructions Hit the Grill

You, dear reader, rely upon us to tell you how to spend your fall Saturdays. Fear not, for while we may lead you astray elsewhere, our booze and food advice is always rock solid.

YFD's Exclusive Interview With Jim Harbaugh

We at YFD are excited to kick off the 2015 football season with an exclusive look inside the Michigan football submarine with Coach Harbaugh.

YWD: Goat Edition

You might be frozen, but here's a goat for you.

YWD Roundens the Ball

Grab a Guinness and enjoy the bye week.

YWD Needs a Fireside Chat

FDR, come back!

Your Friday Instructions Buckle Up


YWD Goes Gentle Into That Good Night

Dylan Thomas - poet, father, Wolverine.

YFD Cooks Some Saus


YFD Gets At You On Snapchat

oh yeah.

YFD Sages It Up

Sage Saison Season!

Your (Unsponsored) Weekend Drinking Instructions

I'm so pissed I forgot to talk about Notre Dame, mostly.

YFD Gets So Hype

I can't even

YFD Predicts The Season: Once More Into the Breach

I'm generally wrong, but not always.

YFD Gets Power-Hungry


Your Friday Drinking Instructions Are in A Tizzy

Stats and soccer and ONE MONTH TILL FOOTBALL

YFD Goslings the Song of the Summer

mmmmm baby.


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