Another former U-M player's family accused Jim Harbaugh of 'misleading' the NCAA


"The disappointment is in knowing that they included just a few words outside of what we said to mislead the NCAA in their decision-making. Whether that weighed in heavily or not on the documentation that we provided, we take issue with that."

- Katrina Sims, mother of former Michigan player Myles Sims

Harbaugh: January is "Make or Break" Time for Recruiting


"January is the most important month of recruiting," Harbaugh said. "It’s make-or-break time for recruiting. It’s a team effort. But yeah, there are the famous home visits and things like that, which I enjoy the heck out of because you get to go all over the country and meet wonderful families that are good, genuine people and they have one very important thing in common: they want the very best for their son."

Jim Harbaugh to the Detroit Red Wings' official website after attending the game in San Jose

Harbaugh Says Michigan Played "Winning Football" Despite Loss


"Our guys played big in a big game, overcame so much, calls that were made and calls that weren’t made. Just kept fighting. Ultimately played winning football. What do you say about the final play? It was unfortunate. Didn’t get the result. They played really well, played winning football, competed like maniacs, both teams did. It was a heckuva game. Played winning football, didn’t get the result. Welcome to football. Move forward."

Jim Harbaugh's postgame press conference following the 27-23 loss to MSU

Jim Harbaugh Says Michigan's Development Reminds Him of a Callus


"I think we came out good. Good and healthy. That’s a good sign when you can…that you’re building a good callus. When you can play physical and not get beat up yourself. That’s a good gauge…probably the best gauge I think. Our team is…that callus is hardening. It’s not…it's like a callus on a foot. You know, it’s not soft and pusy. It’s hardening. (Laughs)

Jim Harbaugh on the development of Michigan so far this season

Jabrill Peppers Believes Michigan's Defense Can Be Even Better


"There’s still room for improvement. We just come in time in and time out with a great gameplan and it’s just up to us to execute. We have a lot of talented guys who take pride in what they do. When you have a group of eleven guys that are all doing their job and are hungry to do their job, then the sky is the limit for us. We’re not gonna pat ourselves on the back and all that other stuff, but it’s time to go now. We are getting in to the gut of our schedule and we still have to improve on a lot. So that’s how we look at it. Just get in the film room tomorrow and try to correct the mistakes and take it one game at a time."

Redshirt freshman safety Jabrill Peppers following Michigan's 38-0 win over Northwestern, the team's third-straight shutout

Jim Harbaugh Dishes on Michigan's Shutout of BYU


"Heck of a job. Great to be a part of a shutout. Defensive staff, DJ Durkin, and the guys did a great job, players, everybody. To only give up 105 yards, I don’t know if I’ve ever been a part of one of those kind of shutouts. It was outstanding in so many areas. They picked up two third down conversions early in the game and then the rest of the game it was like, 2 of 12 maybe. Thought we did an excellent job on third-down. In all aspects, a great defensive ball game."

Jim Harbaugh, following Michigan's 31-0 shutout of the BYU Cougars

ESPN Radio host: "Jim Harbaugh, next season, will be the Colts' head coach."


"Jim Harbaugh, next season, will be the Colts' head coach."

Jon "Stugotz" Weiner predicted on his ESPN Radio show with Dan Le Batard on Friday that Chuck Pagano is on his way out in Indianapolis, and that Harbaugh, who memorably led the Colts to the 1996 AFC Championship Game, won't pass up the chance to coach Andrew Luck again in the NFL. And whether this prediction comes true or not, one thing seems clear: There will always be someone suggesting a Harbaugh return to the NFL until (or unless) he does.

Mario Ojemudia Was Not Happy With UNLV Scoring a Touchdown on Saturday


"As a defense, we want to play to our expectations, not to our opponent's. Giving up that touchdown was unacceptable because we were the better team all day and just needed to keep that going and not play down to our competition."

Mario Ojemudia following Michigan's 28-7 win over UNLV

Jim Harbaugh Compares Winning to...Mouthwash?


"Some people go with the 24 hours to get over a game or 48 hours. I think everybody’s a little different. Some people walk right out of the locker room and they’re over it. I’m not one of those guys. It stays with me. I choose to have it stay with me and in the mindset of our team it’ll stay with us. There’s a bad taste in our mouth when you lose a football game and there’s only one mouthwash for that, and that is winning a football game, so that’s what we’re going to make darn sure on what we’re going to focus on."

Jim Harbaugh during his media day availability on 9-7-15

Fox Sports Analyst Has Michigan Football Going 6-6 This Season


Unless Iowa transfer Jake Rudock comes in and makes a mammoth development step, expectations for Jim Harbaugh’s first Michigan season are modest. A tough non-conference slate of Utah, Oregon State and BYU might keep the Wolverines from cracking .500.

Fox Sports' Stewart Mandel, who has the Wolverines at 6-6 this season