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Northwestern Beats Iowa - What it means for Michigan-Nebraska

The Wildcats once again bested Iowa, and in doing so Michigan's matchup against Nebraska just became much more important.

David Banks

People have been saying all week that tonight's game between Michigan and Nebraska was for the Legends division title. Now that the Wildcats have bested Iowa, that has become even more true. Check out the conference standings.

Michigan :3-0

Nebraska: 2-1

Iowa: 2-2

Northwestern: 3-2

Michigan State: 1-3

Minnesota: 0-3

If Michigan wins this game it is two games ahead of Nebraska, Iowa, and Northwestern with four left to play. Northwestern and Nebraska both have trips to East Lansing to take on a still dangerous Spartan team, while Iowa still has to play Nebraska.

Similarly, if Nebraska wins, Michigan would then have to count on the Huskers to lose again, while winning out (including the final game at Ohio State).

Northwestern's win has set Michigan up perfectly to waltz into Indianapolis with a win tonight and a solid finish to the season. Brady Hoke just might get his Rose Bowl yet.