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Big Ten Coaches Power Rankings: Championship Week

Voted on by SBNation writers, these power rankings answer the age old question: Who is the best coach in the Big Ten right here, right now?

One lost 20 B1G games and kept his job. The other won 20 B1G games and was fired. Go figure.
One lost 20 B1G games and kept his job. The other won 20 B1G games and was fired. Go figure.
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After polling SBNation writers I have counted the votes and determined the one, the only, the weekly Big Ten Coaches Power Rankings.

1. Urban Meyer (Avg. Score: 2.14 LW: #1, 1.67)

Team Record (Big Ten): 35-3 (24-1)

2014 Record (Big Ten): 11-1 (8-0)

Last week: Home vs Michigan (W 42-28)

This week: At Indianapolis vs #13 Wisconsin

While Ohio State won the Game in Columbus last Saturday they did so at the cost of J.T. Barrett. Now Urban Meyer has one week to prove to the College Football Committee that the Bucks won't miss a beat with Cardale Jones at the helm. Fortunately for the Bucks, Cardale Jones places Ohio State on the same as Florida State... when it comes to quarterbacks who should never ever ever be allowed to use social media or leave the practice facility.

You may recall Cardale Jones' infamous tweet:

Why should we have to go to class if we came here to play FOOTBALL, we ain't come to play SCHOOL, classes are POINTLESS

So yeah... way to go OSU you've found your very own Jameis Winston.

Andy Ketterson from Corn Nation had a personal experience with Urban Meyer last weekend:

Went to a Michigan/Ohio St. viewing party this weekend & was told explicitly by the person who brought me that when Urban's smirking mug appeared on-screen, there were ground rules. I could not drop trou, rush the TV and- (I'm gonna go ahead & delete this myself. Fans of Colin Quinn know what happens next). I was also told to watch F-bombs when children were in the room. I settled for a lot of quiet double-gunned birds and low-voiced muttering. I think I'm growing as a person.

T2*. Gary Andersen (Avg. Score: 3.29 LW #4, 3.17)

Team Record (Big Ten): 19-6 (13-3)

2014 Record (Big Ten): 10-2 (7-1)

Last week: Home vs #18 Minnesota (W 34-24)

This week: At Indianapolis vs #5 Ohio State

Yes, the Badgers won. No, I'm not happy about it. Yes, I'll be rooting for them against Columbus. Yes, Gary Andersen is off to an Urban Meyer like start and Wisconsin is scary and I'm jealous Brady Hoke couldn't be Michigan's Gary Andersen. Move along.

Nothing boosts a Wisconsin coach's rep like a chance to match wits with John Papuchis. Gary, you may never climb higher than this.

- Andy Ketterson, Corn Nation

*Wins tiebreaker over Mark Dantonio by having a game to play in this week

T2. Mark Dantonio (Avg. Score: 3.29 LW: #3, 2.83)

Team Record (Big Ten): 74-31 (46-20)

2014 Record (Big Ten): 10-2 (7-2)

Last week: Away vs Penn State (W 34-10)

This week: Try to stay angry until January 1st

Dantonio and the Spartans continue to roll and look set to make a January 1st bowl game if the cards go right. Still, a good season will be darkened by losing the two biggest games of the year. The biggest question in the mean time is the perpetual status of never hired Pat Narduzzi, as Andy addresses:

Dantonio - you are fine man if a bit on the sour-apple-face side. Fine men want the best for their employees. Such as defensive coordinators who are ready for a head coaching gig. Just sayin'.

4. Jerry Kill (Avg. Score: 3.71 LW #2, 2.67)

Team Record (Big Ten): 25-25 (13-19)

2014 Record (Big Ten): 8-4 (5-3)

Last week: Away vs #14 Wisconsin (L 34-24)

This week: Lament over the loss but rejoice over the progress

The Gophers fell one win short of a fantastic season, but still overachieved beyond what anybody thought. Jerry Kill has good things going for the Gophers with a lot of momentum heading into a solid bowl game.

Andy makes a bid for Jerry Kill:

Jerry Kill is #2 and takes a back seat to Barney and no one else. Jerry, Lincoln's not warmer than many places, but Minneapolis is one of them. Just sayin'.

5. Tim Beckman (Avg. Score: 7.00 LW #12, 11.67)

Team Record (Big Ten): 12-24 (4-20)

2014 Record (Big Ten): 6-6 (3-5)

Last week: Away vs Northwestern (W 47-33)

This week: Make postseason plans. Wait... Illinois is bowl-eligible? Yup, checks out.

Well Tim Beckman has certainly shot up the rankings hasn't he? I guess that'll happen when you double your Big Ten win total in two weeks.

Special one-week exemption for Tim Beckman! That was a DOA team when they lost to Purdue and he still somehow won three Big Ten games. Giving the man some credit.
Travis Miller, Hammer and Rails

Tim Beckman is #1 for me this week. Why? He managed to save his job which is simply fantastic news for everyone else... And yes, I know I'm screwing with the integrity of the rankings and I'm not sorry. Tim Beckman is going to be around for year 4 and that is the only thing that matters.

Chris H, The Daily Gopher

6. Randy Edsall (Avg. Score: 7.29 LW #5, 5.33)

Team Record (Big Ten): 20-29 (4-4)

2014 Record (Big Ten): 7-5 (4-4)

Last week: Home vs Rutgers (L 41-38)

This week: Thinking about how much better 8-4 is then 7-5

Well the Rutgers-Maryland rivalry is officially after Rutgers stormed back and knocked Edsall down a few pegs. Still, the season was a solid start in a new conference.

Much like Minnesota, pretty sure no one even figured Maryland for a winning record this season.

Andy Ketterson, Corn Nation

7. Kirk Ferentz (Avg. Score: 7.43 LW #7, 7.17)

Team Record (Big Ten): 114-90 (68-60)

2014 Record (Big Ten): 7-5 (4-4)

Last week: Home vs Nebraska (L 37-34)

This week: Is it 2020 yet?

Iowa almost got a happy finish to a roller coaster season but sadly will have to settle for another 7-5 season. Fun fact, when Ferentz signed his contract he was 70-53 over ten seasons at Iowa which is about 7-5 every year. Can't say it was unexpected.

I've gotta admit - one of the happier weekend trends was listening to bitter Iowa fans complain about the unfairness of the Huskers getting to attempt an upgrade while they get to await another season of Mr. 7-4/8-5. Hahahahaha

Andy Ketterson, Corn Nation

8. Kyle Flood (Avg. Score: 7.57 LW #10,

Team Record (Big Ten): 22-16 (3-5)

2014 Record (Big Ten): 7-5 (3-5)

Last week: Away vs Maryland (W 41-38)

This week: Enjoy being the better of the two rookie teams

Well throw out the records, Rutgers is the better of the two new additions. Plus they beat a PAC12 team, something few Big Ten teams have managed the last few years.

T9*. Pat Fitzgerald (Avg. Score: 8.86 LW #8, 7.83)

Team Record (Big Ten): 60-52 (30-41)

2014 Record (Big Ten): 5-6 (3-4)

Last week: Away vs Illinois (L 47-33)

This week: Go to a corner and think about what you've done

You lost to Illinois. No further comments.

Pat Fitzgerald is #2 this week. Why? Because getting blown out by Northwestern at home saved Timmy B's job. Also, he used Beckman logic after the game ("If it weren't for the bad quarter here or the whole Iowa game there, we'd be bowling right now) which is hilarious on so many levels.

Chris H, The Daily Gopher

*Fitz gets the tiebreaker over Cotton as he has actually coached a game this year.

T9. Barney Cotton (Avg. Score: 8.86

Team Record (Big Ten): 0-0 (0-0)

2014 Record (Big Ten): 0-0 (0-0)

Last week: Away vs Iowa (W 37-34)

This week: Coaching speculation

From two weeks ago:

Bo Pelini went 66-27 overall and 21-11 in the Big Ten, winning 9 games four times and 10 games three times in 7 seasons. Apparently that's below expectations at Nebraska, even though few coaches in the NCAA can boast such a record.

I think I'm going to miss Faux Pelini more than the real Pelini. I'm probably not the only one, though. Barney Cotton gets to be #5 simply because the rest of the Big Ten coaching staff is a mess in my opinion.

Travis Miller, Hammer and Rails

With Bo Pelini out, Nebraska's selection of interim coach throws the entire Power Poll into flux. Think Luke chucking the lightsaber aside and cocking off to the emperor that he is now a Jedi. Pelini was the inexperienced child chopping his own head off in the cave. Barney Cotton is a true master of the Force. He has never lost a Big 10 game as head coach. Hell, the man is undefeated overall. He was Bo's minister of the Big Picture. He coached the O-Line and Tight Ends from the shadows. He wears boots, owns a pickup and has wrangled Husker schollies for everything that has sprung from his loins. Bo even offered to grayshirt one of his soiled hand towels.

The Huskers' bowl opponent is in for a world of hurt and corn fed wizardry. We're just going to forget that Luke's follow up move to announcing his Jedi-ness was getting fed about 50,000 volts from the emperor..

Andy Ketterson, who else?

11. James Franklin (Avg. Score: 10.00 LW #9, 9.00)

Team Record (Big Ten): 6-6 (2-6)

2014 Record (Big Ten): 6-6 (2-6)

Last week: Home vs #10 Michigan State (L 34-10)


Penn State made a bowl game for first time in years and that's all that matters. Good job James Franklin.

12. Kevin Wilson (Avg. Score: 10.71 LW #13,

Team Record (Big Ten): 14-34 (6-26)

2014 Record (Big Ten): 4-8 (1-7)

Last week: Home vs Purdue (W 23-16)

This week: Root for Missouri to win the SEC, proving that Indiana is better than the SEC

Indiana beat Missouri on the road. Indiana beat Missouri on the road.  Indiana beat Missouri on the road.

No matter how many times I say I still don't believe it. Indiana showed a pulse in bating Purdue last week, but we'll really have to wait till next season to see Kevin Wilson's potential.

13. Darrell Hazell (Avg. Score: 12.14 LW #11, 11.17)

Team Record (Big Ten): 4-20 (1-15)

2014 Record (Big Ten): 3-9 (1-7)

Last week: Away vs Indiana (L 23-16)

This week: Well at least the basketball team is looking good...

Just when you think Hazell is starting to progress at Purdue he loses to Indiana. Ugh. Still, he won 1 more Big Ten game than I thought so I guess that's something.

I know that Hazell is trying to completely turn around the program at Purdue, but personally, I have lost a lot of faith in him after disastrous performances against Northwestern and Indiana to close out the 2014 season.

Travis Miller, Hammer and Rails

14. Brady Hoke (Avg. Score: 12.71 LW #14, 12.67)

Team Record (Big Ten): 31-20 (18-14)

2014 Record (Big Ten): 5-7 (3-5)

Last week: Away vs #6 Ohio State (L 42-28)

This week: The waiting game

As of tuesday Brady Hoke has been relieved of duty as head coach of the Michigan Wolverines. His reign started with a bang and ended with a whimper, leaving all the Wolverine fans wondering where we go from here. My guess? Les Miles.

Hoke is a Joke full of Coke. I've been wanting to say that all season, and now's my chance before he gets fired (hopefully).

Juan Crespo, Hammer and Rails

I'll skip the dreck and go straight to Brady Hoke at #14. Has anyone fallen so far, so fast, except maybe Devin Gardner? Before the 2013 season, Hoke was going to guide Michigan to a top 5 finish with his Heisman candidate QB. ESPN boobs couldn't fawn over him enough. Never mind that there was absolutely NOTHING on which to base these expectations, he was folksy and confident and dammit that was enough. So Brady, no more criticism - you promised to come in and slow down that weird, wild RichRod offense and you kept your word in spades. You will be missed.

Andy Ketterson, Corn Nation

The values were the result of a survey of SBNation writers. If you were not invited to this survey, are a member of SBNation and would like to participate please say so in the comments and you will be included in the email list.

Thanks to all the following writers for taking the time to complete the polling!

Maize N' Brew
John Williams

Travis Miller (BoilerTMill)
- Juan Crespo (jcrespo21)

- Bryan Steedman

- Andy Ketterson

- RossWB