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Video: Big Ten Network details Michigan WR Amara Darboh's incredible story

There are few better feel-good tales in all of college football.

It is a long way from where Amara Darboh was — war-ravaged and impoverished Sierra Leone — to where he is, as a newly-minted citizen of the United States and a wide receiver for Michigan.

And it was a road with potholes strewn hither and yon for Darboh and his family. The Big Ten Network detailed their journey — which included a 600-mile walk from Sierra Leone to The Gambia, moving to Des Moines, the culture shock of being a refugee in elementary school, and his friendship with Max Schaefer, who would become his adoptive brother — in a pregame feature on Saturday, and it's one of the best things that's come out of this season of college football.

Forget that Darboh is one of the brightest spots in what currently seems like a renaissance season for Michigan: His story is a human triumph over trying circumstances. And it should be celebrated for the kindness and decency of everyone involved.

One other thing: You might want tissues.