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Brady Hoke Fell Asleep at a Michigan Recruit's House, Unless He Didn't

To sleep, or not to sleep, that is the question.

Greg Bartram-USA TODAY Sports

Michigan running back De'Veon Smith had quite the story to tell reporters on Monday about former Wolverines coach Brady Hoke. While his pitch was ultimately successful, Hoke must've been having a long day when he visited with Smith to lure him to Ann Arbor.

Hoke decided this story couldn't just be laid to rest so he hit back against it Tuesday.

"Never happened," Hoke said, saying he and current defensive line coach Greg Mattison visited Smith at his home.

Packer asked again if he did not fall asleep during the recruiting visit.

"Absolutely didn't," Hoke said, laughing. "I have never fallen asleep. You're so excited to get in there and recruit and talk and maybe De'Veon fell asleep. Not sure. He's a great kid.

Who do you believe?