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Michigan is No. 10 in New College Football Playoff Rankings, Buckeyes at No. 8

Michigan jumps two spots in this week's CFP rankings. Clemson, Alabama, Oklahoma and Iowa are your new top four.

Matthew O'Haren-USA TODAY Sports

The Michigan Wolverines (9-2, 6-1 B1G) moved up to No. 10 in the College Football Playoff poll this week, moving up two spots from last week's rank.

The back half of the top four now features Oklahoma at No. 3 and Iowa at No. 4. Michigan State moves all the way up to the fifth spot following its win at Ohio State, who is ranked eighth.

The Big Ten, often lauded as a bad conference, has four teams in the top ten in Iowa, Michigan State, Ohio State and Michigan, respectively.

Not bad.

Here is the full top 25 of this week's CFP rankings:

1. Clemson

2. Alabama

3. Oklahoma

4. Iowa


5. Michigan State

6. Notre Dame

7. Baylor

8. Ohio State

9. Stanford

10. Michigan

11. Oklahoma State

12. Florida

13. Florida State

14. North Carolina

15. Navy

16. Northwestern

17. Oregon

18. Ole Miss

19. TCU

20. Washington State

21. Mississippi

22. UCLA

23. Utah

24. Toledo

25. Temple

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