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Jabrill Peppers Continues to Outplay Expectations, Says Jim Harbaugh

"He's really good."

Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Jabrill Peppers continues to show he is arguably Michigan's best player and has impressed and gotten better each week.

We have started to see him get increased touches on offense, and the touchdown he scored against Rutgers was so impressive that it even caught Jim Harbaugh off guard.

The touchdown that Jabrill (Peppers) scored on…we threw the bubble to him that was diagnosed very well by the defense. I mean, they were across the line of scrimmage before he caught the ball, and I thought that play was trapped behind the line of scrimmage and the move he made, and the move he made and the way he weaved himself through there…I knew he was good, but…he’s…he’s really good. He’s really good. That play…I thought there was not another rung to go on the ladder. I mean, there is. He found another rung to go even higher. I told him that. I said, "hey, you’re really good."

If you haven't seen the play yet, check out the video below: