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Former Michigan center Jack Miller to ESPN: "My health and happiness is more important than a game"

Former Michigan offensive lineman Jack Miller opened up to ESPN's Joe Schad about his decision to walk away from football.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Former Michigan offensive lineman Jack Miller made the surprising decision a few weeks ago to move on from playing college football to focus on school and pursuing other opportunities, and now he has opened up about his choice to walk away from the game.

Miller spoke to ESPN's Joe Schad about the decision, citing that concussion concerns played a part in the thought process.

"I know I've had a few and it's nice walking away before things could've gotten worse," Miller said to Schad."And yes, multiple schools have reached out. But I'm ready to walk away from it. My health and happiness is more important than a game."

He also said that he had one concussion in high school and "probably" two or three in his time with the Wolverines, though only one was reported.

Miller, who played in 22 games at Michigan, starting 16 of them, was expected to be the team's starting center this fall, which was to be his final year of eligibility with the program.

"I wanted to keep playing," Miller said. "You're supposed to be tough in this game, everyone carries that attitude. I know it's pretty unorthodox for a 21-year-old to see past his own nose," he said. "This game requires such a passion to excel, and my flame is burned out.

"However, I'd be lying if I said that the concussion thing doesn't scare me a little."

Miller acknowledges that even with the concern of head injuries in football existing, he has still learned a lot of from the game.

"Football has taught me so much about life, it's incredible how much I've learned from it. That's why my dad ultimately wanted me to play the game at a young age, then we found out I was good," he said.

"But is it worth the potential injury? Really tough call."