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Sound Mind Sound Body 2015: Harbaugh, Dantonio and Meyer dominate press conference

Five of the Big Ten's biggest coaches sat down for a press conference at Day Two of the Sound Mind Sound Body camp

Ricky Lindsay/Maize n Brew

Jim Harbaugh, Mike Dantonio and Urban Meyer walk into a press conference room.

No, that's not a setup to a punchline; it happened at Friday's Sound Mind Sound Body camp.

Joined by Penn State's James Franklin and Minnesota's Jerry Kill, the trio made their first public appearance together in a press conference at the camp, held in Macomb, Mich.

Meyer, Dantonio and Harbaugh, who met previously at the private Big Ten meetings, were seated alongside each other Friday.

"I don’t know when the next time would be (for us to be in the same room)," Harbaugh said, "but it’s a pleasure, a privilege, a blessing to be with these men, all of these men."

Meyer was asked if it was strange sitting with Dantonio and Harbaugh at the camp, but brushed it off.

"I don’t look at it at all (as strange)," Meyer said. "I know I get a lot of questions about it...but I’ve been around great coaches my entire life and this is no exception."

Sound Mind Sound Body, featuring more than 1,000 athletes, numerous Division-I college coaches and several camp alumni, provides campers a chance to improve both on and off the field.

"I think all of us as coaches, we coach the college game because we want to make a difference in people’s lives. We want to make a difference in young people so that they can go on and be successful for the next 40 or 50 years in their life," Franklin said. "A day like today is an opportunity to do that, an opportunity to connect with the city of Detroit, an opportunity to connect with these young people and watch them develop and grow and continue to do wonderful things."

The quintet raved about Sound Mind Sound Body and what it offers. But unlike his counterparts, Friday was Harbaugh's first time at the camp, and it offered several reunions.

"(It’s my) first time (at the camp) and I’ve already seen 20 friends that I haven’t seen in 30 years, so add that to the excitement," Harbaugh said. "How good is that, how do you measure that? You can’t."

The Harbaugh narrative was all the rage at the press conference, as was Michigan and Michigan State raising expectations in an attempt to catch defending national champion Ohio State.

Dantonio spoke of Michigan State's already high expectations and the Buckeyes' ability to become better as the 2014 season progressed, but Harbaugh's mind was solely on the camp.

"We have great expectations for today. I want to go out and coach some football, watch some football and be around these youngsters," Harbaugh said. "Congratulations of course (to Ohio State), really proud of all the accomplishments, but yeah, I’m ready to go coach some ball today. Great expectations for a wonderful day of football."