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Big Ten Media Day 2015: Harbaugh speaks on RB depth, overall talent level

Harbaugh was asked during his press conference about how the running back battle will work and his thoughts on the overall talent on the team.

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Michigan's Jim Harbaugh took the podium earlier today and shed some light on some of his current feelings on his team heading into fall camp.

Harbaugh was asked what the plan is at running back and if anyone has emerged as a lead back this offseason:

I'm hoping that happens. We're at the start of camp here. And there will be plenty of license and plenty of opportunity for one, two, three of our running backs to assert themselves, come to the fore and be counted on. That we'll be watching very closely and hoping that occurs early here in camp.

A question that was also brought up during the session had to do with the overall talent currently on the roster:

Well, I mean it's like every year that your team changes, no matter what football team you're on. And it's a work in progress, every single season, every single year. And that's what we're enjoying doing. And it's coming along.

And then you go through the winter conditioning and then the spring ball, and then the summer conditioning. And now it starts. This is the beginning, the training camp. And the rebirth of football, the rebirth of the season. And then you watch and you watch and you observe. And you can learn    you can observe a lot by just watching. And I feel like I've been doing that. And I feel like our team is getting better every day. I really do.

There were not a whole lot of on-field questions during the session in Chicago, but Michigan's media day will be coming up on Thursday, so we will see what happens there.