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Is Zach Gentry The Next Tim Tebow? Not So Fast, Folks

Reports out of camp suggest the freshman QB could show up in certain packages. Let's not hold our collective breath there.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

With little to no news out of Michigan football training camp thus far, it has had many out there speculating on certain things that have taken place so far.

The other night, we opened up the door for questions to throw in a mailbag post. There was one in particular that stood out that has come up more than once in discussions with those in the know the last few weeks.

Coming out of high school, some made the comparisons for Gentry as a guy who could help out immediately in short-yardage, goal line situations as a runner, sort of like what Tim Tebow was in his freshman year at Florida.

The comparison isn't new, but their situations are definitely a bit different. Tebow was impressive in his freshman camp, but Chris Leak ultimately ended up as the starter in 2006.

Tebow was good enough in camp though that Urban Meyer and staff knew they had to find a way to get him on the field somehow.

Which brings us back to Gentry, who according to The Michigan Insider has indeed been taking snaps at tight end.

It had been speculated recently that the coaching staff may be looking at including Gentry in packages similar to Tebow and getting him some reps at tight end as well.

Michigan is unproven at the tight end position behind Jake Butt, but that does not mean the cupboard is bare there. AJ Williams, Ian Bunting, Khalid Hill and TJ Wheatley will all be in the mix for reps.

With as big as Gentry is at 6-foot-7, 240 pounds, it makes sense to at least see what he can do at tight end. Oklahoma's Blake Bell is another example of a quarterback who made the switch given his size.

By all accounts, Gentry is still a bit raw as a passer and did not take a whole lot of snaps under center in high school, so he has some work to do there. He is a few years away there, so it is understandable that the staff would want to see if he can make an impact elsewhere quicker.

We are talking about coaches that were willing to try Mason Cole at center, which is not quite as big of an adjustment from offensive tackle, but still a noticeably different situation.

So to make a long story a bit shorter, it looks like right now that is a lot more likely that Gentry redshirts and continues to develop as a quarterback than cracking the lineup as a Tebow-esque option for the Wolverines. He is a good prospect, but has a lot of ground to cover in catching up to Shane Morris, Jake Rudock, Wilton Speight and Alex Malzone.

Not saying it cannot happen. Just that it probably will not.

For a look at Gentry's skill-set, check out his senior highlights: