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Jim Harbaugh Speaks On The Quarterback Battle And Camp Submarine

Michigan's HC held his first game week press conference on Thursday as preparation for Utah is underway.

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Jim Harbaugh took the podium for his first game week press conference on Thursday as Michigan Football gets ready to kick off the 2015 season against Utah.

The "submarine" was one of the more popular topics in camp with the team going nearly radio silent and next-to-no media availability. Harbaugh addressed why that was necessary during his presser.

"I think it’s something that’s really particular to college football. Maybe in all sports in college, [but] maybe more so particular to college football in that coaches, players, staff being together, there’s a 20-hour-a-week rule that you can all be together," he said. "And in college football, August is not that time. You can be together all day, every day. Hourly, daily, weekly. It’s a time to forge a football team, and we wanted to and I think we did maximize every hour and every minute.

"You’re getting to know your team, and you’re doing that daily. We asked our team to work very hard this training camp, this fall camp, and I can tell you that they did that and that their focus was tremendous throughout the camp. You can also say we really enjoyed each other’s company in a football fashion. And I’m pleased with where we’re at."

Did they decide to take this approach to use the element of surprise, or was it an exercise in getting to know each other better? Coach Harbaugh leaned to the latter on that question, while still reiterating his earlier comment.

"As I explained earlier, that’s the time that you have- the most time that you have with your football team the entire year," Harbaugh said.

"So the important thing was be together. Be around each other. We enjoyed that. We enjoyed each other’s company and got a lot of work done. We asked our team to do a lot of work and focus in on a lot of meeting time and they did it. They did it well. They did it real well, so it was a very productive time for our football team."

Perhaps the biggest camp storyline, at least early on, had to do with who will start at quarterback for the Wolverines in week one. We have heard reports that Jake Rudock has pulled away, but Harbaugh was not ready to divulge that information in the spirit of gamesmanship.

"I was informed that our competition for Thursday night’s ball game, Utah, would be sending us their official depth chart Monday, and in the interest of fair and healthy competition we will also send our official depth chart on Monday as well," Harbaugh said.

"Like a lot of positions there are some that are very close, some are closer than others, some are still being competed for, and some positions there’s individuals that are ahead. To give you an example, the kicking position is very tight right now and still playing out. At some positions it might continue into the ball game itself. Yeah. I think we’re getting a good idea of things, whether it’s even, close, or someone’s ahead at this point."

So, does the team know who its quarterback is so they can rally around him?

"Yeah, I think that’s something that’s been ongoing and that takes place," he said.

"Both have been very, very impressive. Very competitive. Competitive demeanor. Every day is important to them, and I’d say that’s the thing that’s been most impressive about both of those youngsters is how important it is to them."

While not confirmed, all reports seem to indicate Rudock is the guy and we could know as soon as Monday. Or, we will find out Thursday.

I will put my money on right before kickoff.