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Jabrill Peppers Ready To Play On Offense If Called On

The much-hyped safety spoke on Media Day about his role on the team and his leadership qualities.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Michigan redshirt freshman safety Jabrill Peppers was one of the most-hyped recruits in the history of the program as he entered the program in 2014. His season was unfortunately cut short due to an injury suffered in the opener.

Peppers is healthy now and moved to safety from cornerback. He is one of the most dynamic athletes on the roster, which has some wondering if he could play on the offensive side of the ball, too. Jim Harbaugh has hinted at the possibility of that recently.

"He mentioned it, but I don't know anything about that yet," Peppers said. "Whatever he wants me to do is what I got to do."

He knows that the number-one priority is first and foremost getting the safety position down and being a focal point of the secondary, but he is not opposed to the idea of getting a few offensive snaps.

"In the college level it's different, because my ego wants me to say 'nah I don't need to feel comfortable, I can just do it,' but when I step out of myself and look at what's best for the team, I definitely want to get my main position down to the point where I don't need to think and I can just play," he said. "I think I'm at a pretty good spot right now with it but we definitely have some more things going into the playbook, some more schemes that we've drawn up that we haven't gone over yet.

"So I definitely would like to get extremely comfortable to the point where I'm not thinking about anything, I can just play fast, just so I can help out the team and do what's best for the team. My ego wants to say 'nah man I can go there right now but what's best for the team, I think as a defense we gel, come together, learn why they wants us to do certain things, learn disguises before they just start moving me around."

Even though this is only his second year on campus, Peppers has already emerged as a leader on the field and earned the respect of his teammates. He has his outspoken personality to thank for that.

"I was told my whole life that if you're good enough, you're older," he said. "I've always voiced things, I've always been vocal and always been enthusiastic on the field. So I always just try to get the best out of all my teammates and they do the same for me. They pick me up and I pick them up, it's a collective job that we have to do."