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Michigan Football: Jim Harbaugh Critiques Jake Rudock's Week Two Performance

Mistakes were made, but Harbaugh liked the poise he saw from his signal caller.

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

The passing game was much more what it looks like it be this season during Michigan's 35-7 win over Oregon State.

Jim Harbaugh and company want to run the ball a lot and have that be the focal point of the offense and they flashed the ability to be able to do that in a big way on Saturday, rushing for 223 yards and four touchdowns as a team. They will have to be able to do that to win games.

The passing game, however, was not flashy, but it was efficient for the most part. Jake Rudock's outing against Utah was something that was broken down quite a bit and was a concern.

Rudock went 18-for-26 for 180 yards and an interception against Oregon State. He was not flashy and made a few mistakes (a sack-fumble and the pick), but made plays when he needed to and never looked rattled out there.

Harbaugh spoke on Rudock's performance during his postgame press conference.

"Yeah, Jake, game-wise he made some big plays," Harbaugh said. "Ran the game, made appropriate throws. Big fourth-down play. Made a coolheaded decision especially -- I can't remember if it was a third-down or fourth-down play -- but he stepped up in the pocket and bought time, kept his eyes downfield, and eventually hit Jake Butt over on the side for a first down and picked up a couple fourth downs in there.

"Has to have better ball security in the pocket. We were hot on the protection and he felt the defender near him. He's got to secure the ball. He had it away from his body, and we had the turnover on that particular play. And the interception, didn't like that. He's got to have a wider vision of the area he's throwing. He locks into the receiver there. We had that intercepted in practice too, so I kick myself for calling that play."

Rudock is not going to win games with his arm, but he can lose them, as is the case with many quarterbacks. He managed the game Saturday, and that is all the Wolverines will be asking him to do this season.