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2016 QB Brandon Peters Speaks to Harbaugh Every Week, Will Enroll at Michigan in January

We caught up with the four-star commit following a huge game vs. Brownsburg (IN).

Leon Halip/Getty Images

Chances are pretty high that if you know anything about high school football, you’ve heard Brandon Peters’ name by now.

The four-star QB out of Avon, Indiana, an Indianapolis suburb, is the 8th-ranked pocket passer in the country, and there’s good reason for that. In his first four games of the 2015 high school season, Peters has thrown 16 touchdown passes, including six in a nationally-televised game against west side rival Brownsburg last Friday.

"Being on ESPN and everything, it’s pretty cool, but once the game started, it was just another game. We played super well tonight, we clicked, we were just rolling."

If you’re a Michigan fan, you should be counting down the days until Peters steps on campus.

There’s no shortage of scouting reports on this kid - but what’s even more strange is that it’s like trying to find a needle in a haystack when you’re looking for negatives. His deep throws are perfectly placed. He’s improved his pre-snap reads. And he’s able to make plays on his feet if all hell breaks loose. Even his dropback, which was a little slow even for a high school offense, has sped up, giving him more time in the pocket to make his reads.

It’s this rapid improvement that has made Peters the #8 pro-style QB in the country. When it’s broke, he fixes it - and he does it quickly. He’s got a great coaching staff at Avon to help him develop, but even more valuable is the time he spends weekly on the phone with Jim Harbaugh.

"(We talk) every week. He’s hit me up on Twitter, I actually talked to him for like 30 minutes last weekend," he said.

Harbaugh is no stranger to the Indianapolis area, spending the ’94-’97 seasons with the Colts and making enough of an impact to be placed on their Ring of Honor inside Lucas Oil Stadium. As Peters continues to grow in his role at Avon, it’s evident that Harbaugh will be helping him along the way.

As the high school season goes on, the most pivotal adjustment Peters will need to make is his ability to make reads quickly after the snap. While  unimpressive high school defensive lines are affording him plenty of time to scan the field, he’s simply not going to have that luxury against Big Ten defenses. With a developing receiving corps in Ann Arbor, he’ll need to be a lot quicker in reading the defense once the ball is in his hands.

Overall, Peters deserves the hype that has surrounded him. It’s not often that you see quarterbacks with this type of football knowledge in high school, and that will only improve as he prepares for his early enrollment at U of M in January.