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Perfect Combinations: Jim Harbaugh and Tim Drevno

They have their work cut out for them improving the offensive side of the ball, but there are no better men for the job.

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Things are much different now than they have been in Ann Arbor in recent years. That much is extremely apparent.

With the hiring of Jim Harbaugh back into December, the latest era of Michigan football came with as close to a surefire guarantee as one could possibly imagine.

The Michigan Wolverines will improve and will return to being a heavyweight in the college football landscape. However, the offensive side of the ball was a disaster, and has been for the last few seasons.

What has been the biggest problem? Quarterback play and an awful-looking offensive line.

Enter Harbaugh and his offensive coordinator Tim Drevno.

Harbaugh is a quarterback guru and knows the ins-and-outs of the position as good if not better than anyone else. He just knows how to squeeze every drop of potential out of that position.

Drevno does the same thing with his offensive lines. While Michigan's may not be all that great, we have seen improvement at every opportunity from the spring up to last week's win over Oregon State.

Why are these two so successful there?

Both coaches are perfectionists and hold their players accountable for their actions. If there is a problem that shows up on film, they address it and work tirelessly to fix it.

Anyone who has ever had the chance to listen to Harbaugh speak in a teaching environment knows that when he is talking, it is impossible to not listen. The same can be said for Drevno. I spoke to him briefly at Michigan football's media day in early August and even in that brief conversation, it was impossible to not be able to detect the passion in his voice.

The two are fiery guys that use everything as a teaching moment and hold their players accountable, which may have been the program's biggest need coming off of an abysmal 2014 campaign.

That makes Harbaugh and Drevno the perfect combination for Michigan football's steadily improving offense.