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Keys to a Michigan Football Victory Over UNLV Include Waking Up, Eating a Balanced Breakfast

This game should not -- and will not -- be a close one.

Leon Halip/Getty Images

Jim Harbaugh's Michigan Wolverines (1-1) will take on the UNLV Rebels (0-2) on Saturday afternoon at the Big House in a game that, quite frankly, should not be close.

There's not a chance that Michigan loses this game. UNLV is a program going through a massive rebuild and they just do not have the horses to keep up. This is not the Michigan of year's past that lets bad teams stick around in games. Harbaugh will have his guys ready to play and they will not overlook UNLV.

Some things many would like to see is a clean, well-executed gameplan. There is no reason that Jake Rudock should not have a successful day and the run game will again set the tone for the offense. Defensively, the Wolverines are going up against a team that just does not offer much offensive firepower, so anything less than flat-out domination would be disappointing.

This is no disrespect to the Rebels and Tony Sanchez, but the chances of an upset here are about as slim as it gets. This is a nightmare matchup for them, but hey, at least they'll walk out of Ann Arbor with $1 million.

I'd love nothing more than to breakdown the matchups in-depth, but there is next to zero stock that can be put into a game like this. Michigan will get their work in and UNLV will walk out with a paycheck. You just hope that players on both sides leave the field at the end of the game healthy.

That's about all that can be said about Saturday's game. I was binge-watching Parks and Recreation while writing this, so here's Ron Swanson to take you through the rest of today's "Keys to Victory" article.

If this game somehow turns into a nightmare, see the below video for how to handle that: