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Pro Football Focus says Jake Butt Could Be the Next Rob Gronkowski

Michigan's tight was listed among the four candidates who could end up being a force when they get to the NFL.

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Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

The Michigan Wolverines have a pretty good tight end in junior Jake Butt, who has had a strong start to the 2015 season and looks to be in for a breakout year.

Butt still has some work to do before we start taking a look at his NFL potential, but Pro Football Focus' Fred Sarra says that he is one of four candidates to be the next Rob Gronkowski at the next level.

On Butt:

Jake is somewhat of a newcomer, even in a league that rotates talent on a yearly basis. However, his physical gifts and a coaching change that specifically benefits the TE position put Jake in an excellent position to excel this season. Jake has caught 75 percent of the passes thrown his way in college, and if he can improve his fundamentals and get more comfortable with the nuances of the TE position, he should be able to use his awesome size and hands to dominate his NCAA competition. The NFL still might be a ways off, but the natural talent is evident, if still a bit raw.

He has 14 catches for 132 yards and one touchdown so far this season through three games. He is only eight catches away from setting a new career high in that area, which he will easily shatter this season.