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Michigan’s National Title, Heisman Odds Keep Getting Better and Better

Don’t bet against the Wolverines — literally.

NCAA Football: Michigan at Rutgers Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

Bovada updates its odds for the College Football Playoff championship and Heisman Trophy every week, and it’s safe to say the numbers are improving week after week for the Michigan Wolverines.

The current odds, released Tuesday, have Michigan at 6 to 1 to win the national title, a slight improvement from 7 to 1 last week. Michigan started the year at 9 to 1, but the Wolverines now hold the third-best odds nationally, behind only Alabama (8 to 5) and Ohio State (9 to 2).

The only other teams holding any decent shot at the title, at least according to Vegas, are Clemson, Louisville and Washington.

It’s a similar picture when it comes to Jabrill Peppers and the Heisman Trophy. His odds now stand at 15 to 2, a slight improvement from 9 to 1 last week.

Peppers is tied with Deshaun Watson of Clemson for the second-best odds, only behind Louisville’s freak of nature quarterback Lamar Jackson.

Peppers has come a long way in his quest for the Heisman. He was off the board as late as August, and his odds stood at just 12/1 in early September, behind the likes of Christian McCaffrey, Dalvin Cook and Baker Mayfield.

So if you took Peppers or his team early in the season, you’re feeling pretty good right about now.