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Would Jalen Hurd be a fit at Michigan?

This Vols running back could fit in well in Ann Arbor.

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Today some surprising news broke from Knoxville, Tennessee, when the Tennessee Volunteers starting running back Jalen Hurd announced that he is transferring schools. Tennessee head coach Butch Jones would later confirm this news at his press conference.

Jalen Hurd had been a solid back for the Volunteers all season. He is a productive and experienced running back from the SEC. Any team would be crazy not to want him to join their squad. He is going to be a grad transfer after this season, meaning he would immediately be able to play wherever he lands.

Hurd came into this season thinking that he Volunteers were going to run the pro-style offense like they did in their season finale bowl game against Northwestern last year. However, so far this season that has not been the case. The coaches at UT pitched him one thing and executed another.

It seems Hurd is upset, the role he is playing at Tennessee is hard on his body week after week and this is not good if he wants to stay healthy enough to play on Sundays some day.

Hurd is going to be looking for a place that will properly prepare him for a shot to be successful in the NFL. Michigan is definitely a quality candidate.

The Michigan offense seems to fit the mold of what Hurd would want to be involved in next year. With the amount of weapons Michigan will have on offense again next season, Hurd would not have to handle a heavy load of work and could tune his skills up under a group of coaches who know a thing or to about the NFL.

Hurd talked about changing his position along with changing teams. Well, Michigan could use a slot receiver next season. Hurd would be a great candidate to run some Eddie McDoom-like jet sweeps to keep defenses guessing, especially if you put both of those guys in the game.

If Hurd were to stay at running back there is a role open for him at Michigan. With seniors such as De’veon Smith graduating after this season, there will be open spots to join the running back by committee group that has been keeping the Michigan offense going.

It would be nice to see a battle tested guy such as Hurd share the rock with guys like Karan Higdon and Chris Evans next season.

No word has yet to come out saying what school he is currently leaning towards, but it seems Jim Harbaugh and Michigan could be a good fit. I wouldn’t be surprised if Harbaugh has already called Hurd, asking if there is any spare rooms in his house for a potential sleepover.