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Report: Several NFL teams could make ‘mega-offers’ for Jim Harbaugh

He won’t take them.

NCAA Football: Maryland at Michigan Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Jim Harbaugh already makes more money than any other college or NFL coach as the man leading the Michigan Wolverines.

But that won’t stop teams from trying.

Bleacher Report’s Mike Freeman says a number of pro teams could be gearing up to make offers for Harbaugh, who already rakes in around $9 million per season.

But there’s no reason to worry, as it would take um, a lot more than that to lure him away:

I keep hearing several teams are going to make the Michigan coach mega-offers. He won't take them. Harbaugh isn't going anywhere anytime soon. I don't care if he's offered a trillion dollars, a starship and a Cuban cigar. Harbaugh. Is. Not. Leaving.

Safe to say even the almighty NFL couldn’t afford a trillion dollars. Not to mention the starship and Cuban cigar.

But hey, it’s nice to be wanted.