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WATCH: BTN talks Wilton Speight injury, how Michigan moves forward

“I think offensively they really needed his play.”

NCAA Football: Michigan at Michigan State Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Wilton Speight is the talk of Michigan Wolverines fans across the country right now due to conflicting reports on the extent of the injury the quarterback suffered against Iowa.

Multiple reports surfaced Monday that Speight is out for the season, likely opening the door for backup John O’Korn to take over. However, UM coach Jim Harbaugh refused to confirm the news, calling the reports inaccurate.

“It could be [a game-time decision],” Harbaugh said, answering a question about the injury during his Monday press conference. “When we’ll know is based on what the doctors say and how Wilton’s feeling and what he’s able to do during the week.”

The Big Ten Network’s Ray Lucas and Robert Smith discuss the Speight situation and how the team moves forward in this clip:

Of course, Harbaugh is not the most open coach regarding details of his program. BTN points out he didn’t even name a starting quarterback before the first game.

If Speight is indeed out for the season, Lucas, a former NFL quarterback, says it will be a big blow to the team.

“You’ve got to have respect for a guy like this,” he said. “If he had a broken collarbone and he went back into the game — I had respect for him for standing in the pocket and delivering — but if he went back in the game with a broken collarbone to try and win that game against Iowa, I feel so bad for a young man like that... I think offensively they really needed his play.”

Smith also expresses concerns with O’Korn’s lack of experience with the Wolverines. The quarterback has only attempted 18 passes on the season.

“It’s really surprising that they would not try and get him more of the reps,” Smith said. “This is a big surprise for a former quarterback like Jim Harbaugh to be the head coach and to have all these blowout wins. I know you want to get your starters some reps, but now you’re backup is going in there and he doesn't have much experience. This is a huge blow to Michigan.”