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Jim Harbaugh delayed his press conference to go watch President Obama speak


News: Hillary Clinton in Ann Arbor Mandi Wright-USA TODAY Sports

When you’re Jim Harbaugh and President Barack Obama is in town, you realize there are more important things than starting your weekly press conference on time.

Harbaugh instead took in a Hillary Clinton rally at Michigan’s baseball stadium, featuring the current POTUS.

As you can see, Harbaugh sat in the crowd and took some selfies with those seated around him. He was joined by Michigan Wolverines athletic director Warde Manuel, and even got a shout out in Obama’s speech.

Students at the really apparently tried to get Harbaugh to dab. Unfortunately, video of the incident has not surfaced just yet.

Per SB Nation, Obama and Harbaugh have spoken recently.

"I know you guys are feeling pretty good right now, 9-0. It's impressive,” [Obama said.] “Although, I talk to coach Harbaugh and he's all like 'no, no. Next game. We got a long way to go.' So he's focused.”

If things go as planned, maybe Harbaugh can bring the whole team to meet the president next time.