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5 Best Harbaugh Tweets of 2016

The Michigan coach has fired shots at plenty of people this year

NCAA Football: Michigan at Michigan State Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

It’s one of the best times of the year. Well, except for the eight degree weather and there not being much college football going on, but I digress.

2016 has been a year to forget with all our favorite celebrities dying, the Presidential Election, but most of all, Cleveland winning a championship. But one thing that has given us some comedic relief while all this nonsense is going on is Jim Harbaugh dishing out some amazing tweets.

These are not ranked in any order, but these are the five best tweets from Harbaugh’s Twitter account in 2016.

  1. Harbaugh’s fire tweet at Jim Rome

This tweet came after Rome talked smack about the Michigan coach on his CBS radio show in the middle of August. Rome claimed Harbaugh “was already in midseason form” when he walked out of a media session when members of the media asked him about three Michigan players not being included in the team photo. Harbaugh then decided to fire back at the radio host with this tweet.

And please watch that video Harbaugh included. It makes the entire tweet hilarious.

2. 10-year-old Harbaugh

Just a man and one of his childhood idols. I love it.

People claim Harbaugh is a child because of his sideline antics and also because of instances like this photo. If I met Willie Mays, I would probably feel like “I’ve died and gone to heaven” as well.

And don’t forget — Harbaugh saved the Chicago Cubs from losing the World Series.

3. “You will reap what you sow.”

And boy did they. And still are.

One of the first tweets from Harbaugh in 2016 came in the epic form of trolling the San Francisco 49ers. This was posted shortly after former San Francisco coach Jim Tomsula was fired. But at the end of the day, Harbaugh is still one of the best coaches in the game, while the 49ers currently have one win under new coach Chip Kelly.

I think it’s safe to say Harbaugh won that war, even if he hadn’t tweeted about it.

4) Tweeting at our own managing editor’s work

This was in reference to a story written by our own Anthony Broome about the SEC, particularly SEC Commissioner Greg Sankey, complaining about Michigan’s spring break tour from last offseason.

Harbaugh is going deep into the arsenal on this one, but it is a justified comment in regards to all the blasphemous comments and opinions by SEC schools and coaches. It just goes to show that no matter what you try to say or do, a talented magician like Harbaugh will be there to make sure he gets his way.

5) Burning the Buckeyes

I’d put a few fire emojis in here if I could, so I’ll just say this:


This tweet was also influenced by an opinion of Michigan’s spring break plans. This time, it was the opinion of Ohio State AD Gene Smith.

“If we were jump starting our program, I’d probably do that too,” Smith said.

In all fairness, that’s a pretty good burn as well. But nonetheless, Harbaugh had to swoop in and get the last laugh, and he did so by burning Smith on the NCAA sanctions handed down to Ohio State in 2011 that inevitably got former OSU coach Jim Tressel fired.

I can’t wait to see what hot takes Harbaugh tweets about in 2017. Let’s just hope it involves more about jive turkeys and other awesome references from the ‘70s.