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WATCH: Jim Harbaugh talks about the will to win

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“If you’re an individual who’s looking for more work and less fun, you can be a champion.”

Anyone who has watched Michigan Wolverines football over the past two seasons knows there’s something much different about the program under the leadership of Jim Harbaugh.

Winning on the field and in recruiting battles is the new norm. In a new Jordan Brand video, Harbaugh talks about what it takes to get those wins:

“Most people are looking for more fun and less work,” he says. “If you’re an individual who’s looking for more work and less fun, then you can be a champion.”

The motivational video, which runs exactly 60 seconds, is part of Jordan Brand’s Breakfast Club Training experience.

“The guys who really do well at football enjoy the struggle of football. The ones that love that kind of physical confrontation excel at football. It makes them feel like a man,” says Harbaugh.”

“The ones that compete like maniacs, that crave the contact, they separate themselves from the others. You’ve got to outwork people. Run, run, run, compete, compete, compete. You can’t be everything, but you can be anything you want when the work is done.”

In its origin, the Jordan Breakfast Club was the foundation for Michael Jordan’s epic six title, six Finals MVP run, and now, in digital form, the program aims to help athletes improve their speed, strength and reaction skills.

Throughout the experience members of the Jordan Family, like Harbaugh, offer insight and tips.