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Mark Emmert, John Swofford Join Crusade Against Spring Break Practices

Add two more to the list of people against Michigan's spring break plans.

Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

You can add two more names to the list of higher-ups concerned over Michigan Football's spring break plans.

NCAA president Mark Emmert and ACC commissioner John Swofford have chimed in with their thoughts on the idea of practices over spring break.

First, Emmert:

Swofford's response may be the most level-headed we have seen so far. This is what he told ESPN:

"As I told someone previously, it certainly is creative thinking but I do think it flies in the face of the whole national discussion of time demands," Swofford said. "When you start considering taking a spring break away from a student-athlete and requiring a practice session wherever that might be, if we’re trying to move the student-athlete experience back toward a more collegiate experience -- and it can’t be totally like other students that aren’t involved in intercollegiate athletics it’s understood -- that would not seem consistent with the overall discussions about time demands and the student-athlete experience that’s taking place right now. At least that’s one man’s opinion."

It will be interesting to see what changes when the NCAA meets in April. Harbaugh and company are not doing anything outside of the rules, but there certainly is a discussion to be had.