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Jim Harbaugh Defends Tweet Directed at OSU Athletic Director Gene Smith

Harbaugh told his side of the story to the media assembled after Michigan's practice in Detroit.

Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Jim Harbaugh set the college football world ablaze again this week when he responded to comments from Ohio State athletic director Gene Smith in regards to going to Florida for spring practice as a means to "jump start" the program.

Smith later apologized and said his comments were not meant to discredit Michigan, but Harbaugh still defends his Tweet days later. He addressed the fiasco after Michigan's spring practice in Detroit on Saturday afternoon.

"It felt like one got shot over our bow," Harbaugh said. "It wasn’t a knee-jerk reaction. I waited a good eight, nine hours and figured they might consider that it could be construed a certain way toward our program. Actually some of the scribes and pundits were construing it that way. So when no explanation came, thought it was time to fire one over their bow.

"Consider things even right now."

Michigan cornerback Jourdan Lewis thought Smith's comments were out of line and backed up his head coach for defending the program.

"Oh, yeah," Lewis said. "We’ve been a tradition for how long and you say this is a start-up program? That was unprofessional of him to say. That should have never been said. It should never have went that far."

Harbaugh's behavior has been a source of controversy for some, but Lewis is fine with the way he conducts his business.

“I like seeing a coach who doesn’t mind getting his hands dirty,” Lewis said. “Our coach doesn’t care. As long as we go out and perform, it’s fair game.”