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Jim Harbaugh Will Join a National Council to Help Provide Legal Aid to the Poor

Will be part of leaders council for The Legal Services Corp.

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Michigan Wolverines coach Jim Harbaugh is making headlines yet again, this time for something that should be decidedly uncontroversial.

According to and other sources, Harbaugh is being announced as a new member of a national council dedicated to raising "awareness of the need for increased funding for civil legal services for the poor." He will be part of the leaders council for the initiative:

"The first step to more funding is more awareness," Legal Services Corp. president James Sandman said. "If Jim Harbaugh would simply speak on the issue [of the legal aid crisis] it would be heard differently."

Harbaugh isn't a lawyer, of course, but neither are several members of the council, which will be funded in part by a $1 million gift from Microsoft. The Legal Services Corp. made the announcement and Harbaugh will be introduced as part of the council at the White House Tuesday.

This also isn't Harbaugh's first involvement in Washington D.C. He was in the area last year as a guest of First Lady Michelle Obama, and spent time with her last spring at an education event in Detroit.