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Jim Harbaugh Will Host a Satellite Camp with 'The Georgia Coach'

With the ban lifted, two big-time programs have teamed up for a camp in Atlanta.

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

The Michigan Wolverines and Georgia Bulldogs will host a satellite camp together.

What could've passed for an April Fool's joke earlier this month is now a reality, with news breaking just hours after the NCAA officially reversed a ban on the camps.

Harbaugh and new Georgia coach Kirby Smart had beef earlier in the offseason when Smart was one of many SEC coaches to criticize what was seen as an abuse of the satellite camp system by the Wolverines.

“They’re obviously trying to gain a competitive advantage and that’s their right,” Smart said at the time. “But I think the NCAA in due time will have to step in.”

Those comments led to this infamous tweet from Harbaugh:

For his part, Smart later said the whole thing was a misunderstanding, and makes good on his word with the joint camp, which will be held at Atlanta's Maynard Jackson High School on June 2.

The camp will be the first on an 11-day tour for the Wolverines. It's a major win for Harbaugh as he'll get face time with players in the heart of Bulldog/SEC territory. Sounds like the satellite camp controversy is just about over.