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Jim Harbaugh to be Featured at Satellite Camp in Ohio

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Yes, in Ohio.

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

The victory lap continues for Michigan Wolverines coach Jim Harbaugh.

With the NCAA overturning a previous satellite camp ban, Harbaugh has organized a camp in Georgia with UGA coach Kirby Smart, and will now be featured at a camp in Ohio:

While the SEC cried foul over Harbaugh's earlier satellite camp plans in the south, working a camp in northeast Ohio is also pretty interesting.

It should be noted Warren G. Harding High is almost 200 miles from Ohio State's campus, but I'm sure there are plenty of OSU fans who won't be thrilled about it.

Harding head coach Steve Arnold told the Cleveland Plain Dealer his loyalty is to his own players rather than any university:

"I'm not aiding Michigan or helping Michigan recruit in the area," Arnold told Wednesday afternoon. "They are having camps all across the country, so I'm not helping anything."

"It's not about Ohio State and Michigan. For me, it's about the exposure and our high school and our kids. That's what this is about. Other people may look at it like that, but that's on them."

We'll see how Urban Meyer reacts.