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Jim Harbaugh Gets His Own Baseball Card

Because why not?

Michigan Wolverines coach Jim Harbaugh has his own baseball card, which might be the least surprising thing he's done this offseason.

(Credit: Topps)

According to Yahoo Sports, the card is part of Topps' first-pitch series, which focuses on celebrities making first pitches.

Harbaugh really looks the part of a major league pitcher on the card, and has talked about his love for baseball in the past. He also definitely doesn't mind wearing a local team's jersey during a trip.

He actually made the pitch on June 30, rather than July 30, and was wearing a Michigan hat instead of a Tigers hat, but we'll allow it.

Here's the first pitch in question:

The series also includes rapper Kendrick Lamar and model Nina Agdal, country singer Tim McGraw and former president George H. W. Bush. Collect 'em all.