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Poll: What Do You Think of the Jumpman Logo on Michigan Gear?

The Wolverines will be the first football team outfitted by Nike's Jordan brand. So what are your thoughts?

We were given our first glimpse at Michigan's Nike apparel on Wednesday with the switch from Adidas coming in just about a week and a half from now.

As part of Michigan's contract with Nike, they will be the first football program that is completely outfitted by the Jordan brand with the Jumpman logo on all of their gear instead of the traditional Nike "Swoosh."

The benefits of this have been up for debate among the fanbase, but there are also a fair amount of detractors as well. In addition to the football program, both men's and women's basketball will feature the Jumpman logo.

Not all of Michigan's gear for sale will have the Jumpman on it, but much of it will. A logo of a player dunking on a basketball being featured on football is certainly different, but how do you feel about it? Cast your vote and sound off in the poll below.