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Klatt: “Jim Harbaugh was a Much Better NFL Coach than Nick Saban”

“All respect to Saban but those are the facts.”

FS1’s new show Speak for Yourself aims for the flaming hot taeks ala First Take and PTI, and this one from from college football analyst Joel Klatt is a scorcher.

We’ll just leave it right here:

"Jim Harbaugh was a much better NFL coach than Nick Saban was," Klatt says of the Michigan Wolverines coach. "All respect to Saban but those are the facts."

His counterpart, Jason Whitlock, tries to cite Saban’s national titles at Alabama, but Klatt will have none of it.

"His (Harbaugh’s) level of success is almost unmatched," Klatt says. "Nick was never that guy in the NFL."