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Michigan has three assistant coaches making $1 million-plus

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The budget runs deep in Ann Arbor.

Indianapolis Colts v Denver Broncos

Winning in college football doesn't come cheap, and the Michigan Wolverines are prepared to pay what it costs.

UM boasts the highest-paid head coach in college football or the NFL in the form of Jim Harbaugh, and now has three assistant coaches eclipsing the $1 million mark.

Per an open records request from the Detroit News, those three coaches are defensive coordinator Don Brown, offensive coordinator Tim Drevno and assistant head coach/passing game coordinator Pep Hamilton.

Brown has a five-year deal worth $1 million in years one through four and $1.4 million in year five, with a $250,000 buyout if he leaves for another gig.

Drevno’s deal pays $1 million for each of five seasons plus a $150,000 signing bonus this year. He’ll owe Michigan $150,000 if he leaves for an assistant coaching position, but not if he becomes a head coach.

Recent addition Hamilton will earn $1 million his first three years, plus bonuses, then jump to $1.25 million in year four. He’ll owe Michigan $150,000 if he leaves before Dec. 2.

The contracts make Michigan the first school to pay three assistants more than a million per season.

The vast majority of FBS schools do not pay any assistants that much, and many Group of 5 programs don’t even shell out that kind of cash for their head coaches.