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EXCLUSIVE: Kurt Taylor re-affirms commitment, sticking with Michigan

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Jim Harbaugh visited him in-home on Thursday.

Photo Courtesy of Kurt Taylor

Class of 2017 running back Kurt Taylor informed Maize n Brew on Thursday afternoon that he is sticking with his commitment to Michigan, putting rumors of his flipping elsewhere to rest.

Jim Harbaugh traveled to Covington today for an in-home visit with the three-star running back.

“My dad always told me to be grateful whenever you have been blessed with an opportunity. But after thinking about it loyalty is everything and I’m committed to Michigan and that is it,” Taylor told Maize n Brew on Thursday.

He has been committed to Michigan since October 16, 2015. Since then, he's won the 7A Georgia State title, was invited to play in the O/D All-American Gane and just ended his experience playing in the inaugural Polynesian Bowl at Aloha Stadium.

Michigan State showed interest recently, but he elected to stick with the team he has been pledged to for over a year.

Taylor will sign with the Wolverines on Feb. 1 to make it all official.