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Jim Harbaugh believes Donovan Peoples-Jones scored on controversial review

Replays showed that DPJ just barely got his left foot down in the endzone.

NCAA Football: Michigan at Wisconsin Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Midway through the second quarter against Wisconsin, an endzone catch by Donovan Peoples-Jones was ruled incomplete. The freshman receiver leaped into the air, caught the ball and maintained full control all the way through, but as he landed near the sideline a Badger defensive back shoved him out of bounds.

At least, that’s what the referees saw.

A slowed-down replay appeared to show Peoples-Jones left foot tapping down in bounds just before his right foot landed out.

After Michigan’s 24-10 loss, he gave his thoughts on the play.

“I thought I was in,” Peoples-Jones said. “I thought the replay showed that I was in, but there’s not much I can do but come back the next play and try to score again.”

Jim Harbaugh also weighed in.

“The touchdown Donovan scored, not getting credit for that one also hurt us… I really thought it was a touchdown from the reviews that were on the scoreboard… looked like the left foot got down first.”