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Get used to perennial competition at quarterback for Michigan

The quarterback debate is more than a hot topic among fans. It will be decided in camp, too.

NCAA Football: Michigan Spring Game Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Jim Harbaugh took the podium at Big Ten Media Days in Chicago on Tuesday morning and dropped a hint as to what is going on with the quarterback situation in Ann Arbor.

Michigan Football enters the season with an extremely young squad, but a veteran signal-caller in Wilton Speight that led the team to 10 wins last season and did enough to be locked in as a starter on most teams.

Not this one, however.

Harbaugh told the media that the team is in a “three-way tie” for who is in the mix at quarterback heading into the season with Wilton Speight, John O’Korn and Brandon Peters all squarely in the mix for the job.

Peters has emerged as the fan favorite due to his spring game performance and people have been buzzing about what he can bring to the table since he was still in high school. He has long been called an Andrew Luck-type of player by many and all his play has done is put him in the conversation as a redshirt freshman.

Harbaugh is guarded when it comes to giving away team secrets to the media, but there certainly was a perk to his voice about Peters, who came up first between the three players. Does that mean he has tipped his hand and that he is the favorite? Of course not.

The “ties” and competitions on the roster, especially at quarterback, is going to be a mainstay of the program under Harbaugh. Nobody’s job is safe and it always has to be earned.

The best players will be on the field. Period.

Speight played a lot more good football for the Wolverines in 2016 than he did bad, but also had a hand in the team’s collapse. Fans recognize that and want change and many have stopped just short of demanding it from their head coach.

Imagine thinking that you know more about the quarterback position than Harbaugh does.

Good laugh, right?

Whether it is Speight, O’Korn or Peters, the guy that is on the field is the one that deserves to be out there. Harbaugh has earned that trust with his track record of quarterback development.

Even when Speight was playing well last year, others still wanted to see O’Korn.

No disrespect to him, but we saw what O’Korn brings when Speight went down injured.

Fans need to trust that this battle will be decided on the field and not due to how someone played last year or how you feel about a certain player’s skill set. Michigan in just a few short years already has a loaded depth chart at quarterback and these debates will be annual.

Just remember this:

Harbaugh turned an Iowa castaway in Jake Rudock into an NFL quarterback in a few months.

Who can find a quarterback?

The Khaki Man can.