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Michigan officially announces all-Maize jerseys for Florida game

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All-Maize is now officially a look for the football team.

MLive’s Aaron McCann on Twitter

Rumors had been swirling throughout the weekend, but now it is official.

Michigan Football will be sporting an all-Maize uniform combination when the team travels to Dallas for its opener against the Florida Gators on Saturday, the program announced on Monday.

Here’s a closer look from MLive’s Aaron McCann:

According to a release from Michigan, this will be the second time in program history that a team has worn the Maize jerseys. The first was in 1928 against the United States Naval Academy.

So far on social media, the new look has been extremely polarizing with reactions skewing towards not being in favor of it. It appears Nike is taking a “Color Rush” approach to this game, similar to what they are doing in the NFL.

For those interested in adding it to their collection, The M-Den will have the new uniforms on sale starting this Wednesday.