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Takeaways from Michigan Football’s win over Air Force

The offense needs a spark, but they may have found it on Saturday

Air Force v Michigan

Michigan Football moved to 3-0 on Saturday afternoon with a 29-13 win over the Air Force Academy, but it still was not the performance that people wanted to see after some struggles against Cincinnati in Week 2.

Truth be told, there is not a whole lot that can be said that differs all that much from last week’s takeaways piece, but there were a few new wrinkles.

Here are the takeaways from the third week of the season.

Offensive Woes Continue

The Michigan offense scored a single touchdown on Saturday, and it came late in the game. The redzone issues continue and it comes in the form of breakdowns at almost every level.

The offensive line is inconsistent, and often times flat out terrible. Wilton Speight continues to overthrow passes and not give his receivers chances to make plays, and the running game outside of a few rushes was largely stopped.

The playcalling stood out as the biggest issue on Saturday. Some of the calls have been so bad that it almost feels like Michigan is intentionally trying to put stuff on film or hold back on some tricks they may have up their sleeves.

Regardless, you have to go out and execute the game plan that you do have, and this team just is not doing that right now. The youth was laughed off after the Florida game, but the growing pains are still apparent.

At quarterback, Speight is not to blame all on his own for the way the team is executing, but he of course needs to be far better. Michigan is not “stuck” with him by any means, but it is hard to see a scenario where he gets removed as the starter unless he single-handedly loses football games for them.

But There are Solutions

Michigan does not have an easy fix and needs to ride this out, but there are some changes they can make.

No, it’s not at quarterback...yet.

Their best two wide receivers are Tarik Black and Donovan Peoples-Jones. Outside of Grant Perry, nobody else is really all that close right now and they need to make more of an effort to get those guys involved in the offense.

Black and DPJ are two of the more impressive true freshman that have come through the doors at wide receiver in awhile and if this is going to be a team that deals with these growing pains and learns from them, they need to be out there doing the same.

Defense Rises to the Occassion

Michigan had its work cut out for them when going up against the triple offense in Air Force on Saturday and really did a fine job overall outside of a few big plays.

The Falcons went to the air nine times the entire game and completed one pass, which went for a 65-yard touchdown.

Time of possession ended up fairly equal and Air Force finished the day with 168 yards on the ground. The Wolverines were able to stay disciplined and make sure tackles all afternoon long.

There are not really many question marks as far as the defense goes. One can only hope that the offense can stay on the field long enough for them to stay fresh and rested, because they did show some signs of fatigue late in the game.

Michigan next travels to Purdue for a 4 p.m. ET kick next Saturday.

What were your takeaways from the game? Sound off in the comments below!