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Jim McElwain had words for Jim Harbaugh, then he had to eat them

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Remember when poking the bear didn’t seem like a good idea? Well, this is what happened.

NCAA Football: Florida at Michigan Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Jim McElwain spent the last few weeks throwing shade at Michigan and head coach Jim Harbaugh, but it was the Wolverines who got the last laugh.

Leading up to the game, McElwain guaranteed that his team would “beat the heck out of Michigan” and also took a shot at Harbaugh over the antics he has been a part of since he came to Ann Arbor.

And it was not just McElwain. Florida players took to social media to guarantee the pain that was on the way for the Wolverines in the Advocare Classic in Dallas.

Meanwhile, Harbaugh was keeping his cards hidden and nobody in Ann Arbor made any promises and guarantees. They simply worked and prepared for the Gators as the next obstacle in their way.

It was not always pretty, but the Wolverines won Saturday’s game in dominating fashion by a score of 33-17. The Gators were outclassed on both sides of the ball for the vast majority of the game.

Perhaps the biggest sign of this was 215 rushing yards to only 11 for Florida, or the fact that the Michigan defense had 11 tackles for loss and six sacks.

Any way that you analyze it, Michigan put another beating on the Gators, moving Harbaugh to a 2-0 record against McElwain with showdowns in the last three seasons.

In the end, McElwain admitted that the Wolverines were the ones to do the heck-beating.

Michigan has work to do, but they showed an ability to set the tone and take over a football game, perhaps even more so than in recent seasons because they were able to run the ball against a good SEC defense.

You may be able to get Harbaugh to trade jabs in the offseason, but he and his program are going to do their talking on the field once the season starts.