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Calvin Anderson Q&A: Michigan Man? Talented tackle recaps visit to Ann Arbor

An interview with Michigan’s top target

Rice grad transfer Calvin Anderson was in Ann Arbor this weekend and by his own account, things went quite well. The offensive tackle spent two days at U-M and had campus/facility tours, met with coaches, spoke with players such as Zach Gentry and Shea Patterson, and ate a lot of food.

Maize ‘n’ Brew caught up with Anderson today about his weekend visit, and he shed light on a lot of topics. The well spoken behemoth of an athlete gave many in depth answers that give a good indication that Michigan is one of the top teams he’s considering playing for in 2018.

Anderson said he will be making his decision soon, but at the same time he’s giving the decision its due-diligence and will be evaluating all the options and information he’s received.

Here’s a recap of our Q&A with Anderson

Meeting Shea Patterson

“We’re both kind of in the same situation as far as the transfer goes with similar goals in mind, so that was cool getting to chat with him.

“We talked about the potential of me protecting his blind side, we talked about our similar goals trying to get to the next level. I’m going to wherever I go to improve my draft stock and be prepared for the next level, he’s similar in his goal so we talked about that. We talked about what’s already there, he’s been there for about three weeks he said. Just talking about what he saw, the workouts and all that.”

Potential bond with coaching staff

“Talking to Coach Drevno, talking to Coach Harbaugh, getting to see and experience what their program is like is run very much like a professional team. It’s awesome. Obviously that’s great preparation for a guy looking to go to the next level. It’s run very professionally. Still the feeling of team and love and brotherhood, and all the things you look for in a college team. But they run their team very professionally when it comes to film watching, how they grade their players, how they’re treated. They give a very professional feel, which is awesome.”

“I think it fits me perfectly. My goal is obviously to get preparation for the next level and that’s an added bonus that this program is run very similarly to how they do in the pros. They have a lot of guys on staff, Harbaugh/Drevno included, and a bunch of other guys that have been in the pros, both played and coached, and worked behind the scenes too, so all of that is crucial I think to how they’re presenting themselves as a professional environment. I think I’ll fit in great on that front.”

Does Michigan scheme fit his skill-set?

“I think so. I love to run the ball. Other offensive-linemen I chat with always tell stories about how they were young and would play quarterback, running back, all those other skill positions, but I’ve played o-line since I was third grade.”

“Running the ball is right up my alley, I love that. It’s not one dimensional, they have a good balance of both (run and pass). It’s good preparation for the next level, you’re going to play against high-level defensive lines every week with Ohio State, Wisconsin, those are all extreme upsides. On both fronts I think I’ll fit in so I’m happy about that.”

Team facilities

“Great facilities. You could tell they just don’t pour money into the program, they’re strategic with it, their smart guys behind the budget.”

“As good could get. 10 out of 10.”

X’s and O’s with Drevno

“Talking to Coach Drevno was really cool. I got to see what kind of offense they run, what kind of plays they run, how the left tackle position fits in with the whole o-line.”

“Shoutout to Matt Dudek” (Director of Recruiting)

“He’s like one of the greatest guys I’ve ever met. Regardless of how my future goes, not just this next year, the next five-ten, I hope he’s a part of it because he’s an amazing guy. You just meet those genuine, great people. He’s a very unique, awesome person.”

Michigan football program history:

“I didn’t know how deep that reputation was, how deeply rooted the alumni are in the block M. It was cool getting to see that.”

Thoughts about Ann Arbor

“Everybody supports U of M football there as well as the university itself. It’s a really, really neat college town.”