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Harbaugh has strong words for Mark Dantonio

Bush league?

NCAA Football: Michigan at Michigan State Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

Jim Harbaugh is pissed at Michigan State head coach Mark Dantonio.

Before the game, a situation arose where there was a small handful of Michigan players on the Spartan field warming up.

Michigan State players proceeded to take the field and make a human chain, walking right into the path of Michigan players.

After that transpired, Devin Bush proceeded to mess up the Spartan logo at midfield.

It was somewhat of an ugly scene, one that could have ended with someone getting seriously hurt. Thankfully that didn’t occur.

However, it sounds like this incident could have been avoided, per Michigan spokesman Dave Ablauf.

After Michigan’s 21-7 victory, Harbaugh was asked about what happened, and he gave a full-court press of comments defending his players and calling out MSU and Dantonio.

“Dave (Ablauf) was out there, he saw it. Apparently they clotheslined two of our guys, came out in their helmets. Lawrence Marshall, they went up and clotheslined him, the old fashioned clothesline. Other guys ripped off Lavert’s (Hill) headphones,” Harbaugh said.

“Total bush league, apparently coach Dantonio was five yards behind them behind it all smiling, so yeah, I think it’s bush league, that’s my impression of it.”

Harbaugh credits the resolve of Michigan players for the way they responded, saying “they didn’t come here to back down or get intimidated by anybody.”