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Karan Higdon comfortable guaranteeing a victory over Ohio State

No, YOUR anxiety just went to a next level.

NCAA Football: Indiana at Michigan Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Karan Higdon, who often is spotted wearing a shirt that says “definition of a running back,” rarely backs down when he has an opinion and he shared one on Monday afternoon that is sending Michigan fans into an anxious frenzy.

Michigan’s star running back went there. When asked if he would go as far as to guarantee a win over the Ohio State Buckeyes this weekend, he pulled the trigger and said he would do so.

To be fair, Higdon was baited into this answer after being asked if he would go as far as Jim Harbaugh did in his famous guarantee from his quarterbacking days at Michigan. Harbaugh’s guarantee came unprovoked, but still, Higdon says it and believes it, as he should.

Here’s Harbaugh’s from back in the day as reference:

It would have been weak for Higdon to step around the question even if there was some baiting to it. Media wanted the headline, and it got its headline. He has not been shy about speaking what he believes into existence this season and this is another example of that.

Putting it out there is fine. There’s no need to be shy this week. People will argue that it motivates Ohio State, but it motivates Michigan because now they have to go live up to it. If he believes they’re going to win anyways, what difference does it make if it’s out there? Nobody needs the bulletin board material for this game.

It will drive the fans nuts, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Michigan is favored, but has lost 13 of the last 14 games. The thought of the embarrassment of losing another is awful, but that’s all part of it. People in Columbus aren’t exactly feeling all that great about it, either.

You’ll feel anxious all week, but that anxiety probably peaks today with this statement. As the week goes on and kickoff gets closer, people will talk themselves into the win and be back on board. But that is what makes rivalry week so stressful. The build up, and the talk, is unbearable.

Just get to Saturday.