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Ranking Michigan’s 11 touchdowns against Rutgers in 2016

A walk down memory lane from when the Wolverines doubled this weekend’s spread

Michigan v Rutgers Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

Some other writers here will likely, and rightfully, give Rutgers more respect going into this weekend, but I can’t bring myself to do the same.

Here’s why.

It’s the reason we’re really here, and that’s to re-live the most thorough and dominant performance the Big Ten has seen in recent memory:

Michigan’s 78-0 romp in Piscataway over Rutgers.

Here are the rankings (timestamps in parentheses):

1 - Speight to Chesson from 30 yards out (:06) 14-0 — This one is just aesthetically pleasing. Speight does a good job of stepping up before dropping a dime that Chesson makes a great play on.

Michigan v Rutgers Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

2 - Karan Higdon from 15 yards out (1:12) 57-0When Higdon meets that safety at the end.

3 - Ty Isaac from 34 yards out (1:39) 78-0 — The one that makes history needs a high spot on this list. Also, the big man runs right through two Scarlet Knight defenders at the start of the play making them look like IMG’s JV roster. He then brushes off a third before reaching pay dirt.

4 - John O’Korn to Panda Hill from six yards out (1:02) 50-0 — This was back during the “we have incredible QB depth” thought process during 2016 ... that was fun.

5 - Bobby Henderson from 13 yards out (1:22) 64-0PLAY THIS FIRST Chris Berman Voice: Rumblin, bumblin, stumblin. Touchdown! Bobby “Runs like Ricky” Henderson.

6 - Jabrill Peppers from eight yards out (0:19) 21-0 — Man, I wish we got to see him throw here. Still, he actually made a quick read and was able to dart into the end zone. I’ve always thought Peppers should have stuck at running back.

7 - Panda Hill from one yard out I (0:27) 29-0 because Harbaugh was boredJerome Bettis couldn’t have been prouder of the touchdown sniping Hill did in 2016. Khalid racked up 13 scores despite only 41 total touches that year. Outstanding efficiency.

8 - Karan Higdon from 45 yards out (1:31) 71-0 — I’ve always felt like this was the real beginning of Higdon’s rise to stardom. He was still somewhat buried in the backfield, even at the start of 2017, but fans got a taste and they’ve loved it ever since. He doesn’t have elite top-end speed, though it’s very good. However, his second level burst, the type that gets you to the corner or is able to break out of a move and beat a safety, is second-to-none.

9 - Peppers from four yards out (0:55) 43-0 — This is like the Isaac one except that watching Jabrill hit a corner is fascinating.

10 - Panda from one yard out II (0:41) 36-0 — Sequels are generally bad. They’re awfully super terrible when part of a trilogy.

11 - Isaac from five yards out (0:00) 7-0 — Yes, it’s the one that starts the game, but it’s a tremendously boring play.

HONORARY MENTION - Jabrill Peppers punt return - It didn’t count, but this was the most impressive thing he did all year. I swear, despite the play’s irrelevance within the game, it helped sparked his run to being a Heisman finalist. There hasn’t been a more meaningless highlight since LeBron hit that buzzer beater against Orlando after blowing a 20-point lead again, only delaying the inevitable.