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Shea Patterson, Chase Winovich unique friendship featured on Big Ten Network

Two of Michigan’s biggest stars shined on BTN.

Dustin Johnston — Maize n Brew

Shea Patterson has been one of the most talked about collegiate athletes in 2018. Not just the 2018 college football season, but the calendar year of 2018.

The situation at Ole Miss, his transfer, being able to immediately play, winning the starting job at Michigan, everything was under a thin microscope.

Patterson coming to Ann Arbor led to a very interesting friendship with teammate and roommate fifth-year senior Chase Winovich, a player who almost left the university to enter the NFL Draft this past spring, but ultimately stayed for one final season.

Their unique friendship was on display on a recent episode of The Journey on Big Ten Network.

During the episode, Patterson and Winovich are seen playing Fortnite together, as I’m sure most college students do nowadays (when I was in college, it was either Call of Duty zombies mode, NCAA 14 or NHL 14).

The two then go back and forth describing their path to Michigan in 2018 — Winovich deciding to come back for his final season of eligibility and Patterson seeing a golden opportunity to led a potentially great team to the promised land.

The feature ends with Winovich speakingm about the “Revenge Tour.”

“Coming back, the vision that I had to have this revenge on those teams that beat up on us, and correct the wrongs and send this team on the right trajectory is exactly what I came to Michigan to do,” Winovich said.

These features do a really nice job of humanizing the athletes we idolize, and I think it’s really important to understand that at the end of the day, the players we love are still people, too.

I highly recommend watching the video below if you have not seen it yet.